About us
About Pryncyp

Our organization was founded by serviceman and lawyer Masi Nayyem, and human rights activist and volunteer Liubov Halan in 2023. Initially, our focus was on protecting the rights of wounded servicemen and veterans, but later we expanded our activities to advocate for the rights of all servicemen and servicewomen in their interactions with the state. Therefore, we are working to ensure that our state:

  • Provided high-quality and qualified services for the servicemen
  • Implemented digitization of the processes faced by our beneficiaries
  • Implemented a quality healthcare system for the servicemen and veterans
  • Ensured an effective military justice system that guarantees the human rights of servicemen
Our mission

All our actions are aimed at strengthening the institutional capacity of state authorities. The defense capability of Ukraine is the organization’s benchmark. One of the components of our defense capability is the servicemen and servicewomen, who are guaranteed and protected their rights. This is the mission of our organization – servicemen protected by the state.

Directions of activity
Military quality services
We develop and advocate for solutions to improve the services provided by the state to the servicemen, including through digitization. In this track, we also educate service providers for the servicemen and veterans.
Military justice
We advocate for the reform of military justice to ensure that the rights of the servicemen are guaranteed and protected.
Health care
We research and develop solutions to improve the provision of medical services to the servicemen and veterans.
Veterans policy
Veterans are part of the state's defense capability. Veterans policies should be reviewed in the light of experience to ensure their best implementation in civilian life.

The "Pryncyp" team unites human rights defenders, lawyers, analysts, communicators and project managers who have decided to join the defense of military rights.

Masi Nayyem
Co-Founder of the Human Rights Center for Servicemen “Pryncyp”

Serviceman and lawyer Masi Nayyem

Liubov Halan
Head of the Human Rights Center for Servicemen “Pryncyp”

Human rights activist and volunteer